Thursday, May 04, 2006

Push, Push, Dont break a bone!

A 63 year old british lady is set to give birth in the coming months. She is the oldest pregenant woman in britian, and has said that she has planned out every step of her delivery. I wonder, as well as im sure many wonder what life will be like for the child, growing up with two parents over 60!!!!!!!!! What if they dies by the time the child is 10. I think its a little selfish, but if she can give birth, i commend her. It an amazing feat to give birth at any age non the less 63.

Run Katie Run

Its really sad that when one, ok maybe two hollywood stars have a baby that its gets so much coverage. I mean i love us weekly just like the next, but there comes a point when you stop and allow people to just live their lives. Including the general public. Katie Holmes and Tom Crusie gave birth, big deal, there's no need to make a shirt about it. The title is funny thought, RUN KATIE RUN!

Another bit, another lawsuit!

Some lady in northern indiana claims she ate a burger and was cut by a razor. Lets hope this doesnt turn out like the wendy incident where the finger was actually her relatives, and this razor will probably turn out to be her own.

Art lost, then Found!

I love art, im an art major, so when i heard a truck with millions of art including abstract work by milton avery missing. This is a big thing, its too bad, or too good, that the person whom turned out to be the person hired to drive the truck, went missing on a south florida high way. Patrick mcIntosh was hired to drive the truck from boca to new york and went missing a long the way. Some how officials were able to track him down in a run down trailer park. All of the painting were turned in unharmed.

yay for marine life!

When i was a kid all i wanted to do was be a maring biologist, now once i entered high school and realized that me+ biolgy was not a good equation i quickly changed that, but my love for marine live never died. I was really happy when i read about this article in the miami herald. It appears two very rare and endangered coral reefs were found and are now being placed under federal protection. Its good to see that the gvt is taking time out of its busy war hungry schedule to care about the little guys, and little crustaceans.

Beating non diet coke at a time!

Yesterday a big beveage manufacturer said they would stop selling nondiest drinks to most public school. This is amazing, i think its finally time we take the fight for obesity seriously. Our kids are either getting bigger and bigger, or smaller and smaller. Someone (ALL OF US) need to take charge.

Finally, some backing for the bird flu

With made for t.v. movies being made about the bird flu finally congress has awarded over $1 billion dollars to five different manufactures to develope new techonologies to get the bird flu vaccine out fast in the case of an epidemic. This is awesome. Ive never really had to face a world wide epidemic, neither has anyone in my generation but its good to know that incase one does break out we might have something to cure it fast.

Harvard Student looses book deal

It appears Frey has started a trend with borrowing, and making up the truth. Harvard Student Kaavya Viswanathan lost a major book deal because she acknowledged that she borrowed, or revised verison of two book by published author Megan McCafferty. This really sucks. Shes a harvard student, she got this six figure book deal at only 17, and now its ruined because she couldnt think of anything good to write about. Im writitng my own book and you had better believe im not copying anyone but myself.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Publix is always giving back to its community

The publix in the Country Isles plaza located in Weston, FL collaborate with Country Isles elementart for the 2nd annual Math night. Student from weston as well as davie came in with their parents to take part in the event. They were grouped by grade, and were asked questions like the different betweetn ounces and liters, and which food containted more fat ruffles, or Rold Gold. I think its awesome that these students as well as the teachers, parents, and more importantly mc donalds are trying to junvinate the minds of these childs with games that are both fun and inromative. Gotta love publix.

So he protects the homeland, so he can sexually assult little girls?

Ok, so im not sure how this work. The Deputy Press Secretary for Homeland Security was arrested for talking to a 14 yr old girl, who was actually an undercover cop. The 55 yr old Brian Doyle sent the girl, pornographic materials as well as non-sexual photos of himself, he also asked her to think of him while performing explicit acts, he event as far as to give her government issues phone numbers as means of contacting him. I think this is disgusting and he should be cahrged to the full extent of the law. No reprieve should be allowed here. He works for the government under homeland security, but it appears he wants to damage out nation in his own way. Now can you imagine if this wasnt an undercover cop and he had actually done these things to a 14 yr old girl. Some kinda of Homeland Security.

Katie Couric will say goodbye to NBC!

This is pretty sad, Couric has been with the today show for so long and it will be weird to watch it without her, however i do commend her for taking a giant leap forward. When Katie joins the CBS evening news she will be the first woman to ever anchor a nightly news broadcast alone. Katie always makes the right decisions for her career as well as paving the way for the women behind her. I look up to her so much, and im just happy shes taking full advantage of all the opportunities that she is afforded.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

As if Hurricanes werent enough...

So apparently the Florida Catastrohpe Fund is worrying about the idea that they dont have enough fund to take care of the damage from the last hurricane season, and they they wont be able to replenish their funds for the upcoming hurricane season. This really is a sadening story.
The advisory board for the fund is proposing a rapid cash influction which would use the selling of bonds to force insures to pay. I would really hope they find out something to do, because if you drive around south florida its easy to see that a lot hasnt been fixed from the last hurricane season, and i would hate to see another very busyhurrican season come and blow us all away.

CBS getting fined...Without a trace

Cbs is going out on a limb here. Apparently in a recent episode of its hit T.V. show With out a trace they depiceted a semi graphic teen orgy which did not sit well with the chairmen of the FCC Kevin Martin. CBS was fined by the FCC 3.6 million dollars which is a record for the FCC. I think its awesome that the FCC is cracking down on materials of that nature, especially after the Janet Jackson nipple gate incident, to which a federal court rejected an appeal by CBS and its affiliated for $550,000 for the wardrobe malfunction at the super bowl.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A couple new things for one growing market.

If advertisers and business execs werent seeing it then, they're seeing it now. Over the past years the gay consumer has gained more clout in the fight for advertisers $$$$$, and the advertisers love it. I read this article again, in USA today and i found it pretty interesting. Being a gay man myself i dont find it strange to be able to turn on the television and have access to gay exclusive networks, or put in the cd of the latest gay artist, but for those who are a little older than i am, having all these new found media outlets is amazing. I think is great that advertisers are wising up. The gay man and woman have a lot to offer our economy, and everyone should know that. With mainstream hits like brokeback mountain, and will&grace, america is coming a little bit closer to acceptance, and i like it.

Finally a little warning!

With a media and nation saturated with consuming, and trading up, its nice to read an article warning about the perils of living and loaning for the moment, and actually offering some advice about spending and smart tips to saving for the future. USA today ran an article today about how our nations spending rate is lower than ever, and if people dont wise up (including myself) when desperate times comes, no pillow will be there to cushion our heads, or wallets. I think this is something every college student should take a course on, forget class like, yoga, and pilates, and things we can get elsewhere, we should start focusing on our future, because if we dont act fast, it could be a very very poor one. To read the article click here, How long can households sustain negative savings?

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Davinci Code is now in court!

So apparently, the autors of a book called "The Holy Blood, the Holy Grail" are suing Dan Brown, the authtor of the wildy successful "The Davinci Code" and their shared publishing company Random House, bc they say Brown stole some of their ideas and underlying themes. Ive read The Davinic code and i thought it was a marveouls read, it kept me awake and entertained. Both books seem to be based on the same idea that Mary Magdelene and Jesus had a child, and inturn a bloodline that lives on to this day. The website USA TODAY that ran the story is saying the the authors of Holy blood holy grail, are suing for infringement on copywrite and if this suit is ruled in their defence, even the MAY 19th release date of the movie based upon the book The Davinci code might be held back. I will be pretty pissed if this happens. There are so many books out their like Holy blood holy grail and the davinci code, why target one person for his success, and thats really what i think it is. Brown was suid before by another author claiming he stole his idea and that suit failed, Lets hope this new one does the same.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

To blackberry or not to blackberry,that is the question!

Blackberries face a huge problem stemming from a patent infringement suit pending in federal court. The canadian based company who makes the blackberries are trying desperately to stop a ruiling that would ban all use of blackberries on U.S. soil. I for onw know there will be thousands, actually, millions of businessmen, including my own mother, who will be very very annoyed if they have to switch to a new way of communication. Blackberries are small, fast, and have become the standard in communication among the elite and well to do's. I wonder how this one will turn out.

Get your riot right!

So i love it how students at FAU organize a rally to around the basis that the shooting that took place earlier this month was based on the students race, calling it an act of discrimination, when the student and the police officer involved were both white? What kind of sense does that make? please someone tell me!!!

No jail for Pesci!

A couple weeks ago Joe Pesci was in Boca minding his business trying to buy, from what i hear a Jamba Juice, when a persisten fan started asking him for autographs and pictures, after he was denied the fan decided to take a picture of pesci anyways, to which he was "allegedy" greeted with a swift punch to the lip. I think its hysterical. Of course the kid filed a police report and wants to sue Pesci, but this case isnt going anywhere. Isnt it funny how your everyday BCC student, can become a stalkerazzi all in the blink of a camera flash? People need to realize that celebrities are humans just like us, and half the time they dont reallywant to be bothere.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A local Activist getting national attention!

I think its really cool that FAU'S UP newspaper did an article on Devin T. Robinson a local activist and student at FAU. His life goal is creating AIDS awareness among the youth as well as gaining global recognition for his work. Through skits, and poetry he has been able to take his acts to television networks like BET and MTV. I think its really cool that a kid of his age can make a change starting with himself.

what next?

Not only can people download music to their phones, and watch streaming videos, but now all those testosteron driven men out there can download the sports illustated swimsuit edition from Apples Itunes music store online, for only $1.99. There are eight specially produced videos in total. What will they think of next? Soon we'll be able to eat online.

the two faces of myspace!

USA today posted two very different and very good articles concerning the internet website myspace. In the first article, they made a serious analysis about how dangerous the website can be when older predators have access to the youngsters that have made the website so popular. Its really true. Im on myspace, and so is my 16 yr old sister, and it worries me because people can lie about their age, and a lot of young people today dont see it as an issue. There are so many things they are aloof to. I think Myspace needs to invent some new ways in which to guard the younger audience that it has attracted. In the second article the newspaper took a look at the two guys who have created an empire with a simple website called myspace. Members of the website can create their own little webpage using the tools provided by myspace and other outside sources. Its a popular site because it a place where friends can go and meet new people and network, it can be manipulated to express yourself, you can display pictues of your friends and families and post blogs and really just connect with people. I think its awesome that the website is getting the recognition it deserves, but i also feel that it need to take better precautions regarding the safety of their customers.